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Event packages can be custom-built to suit your personal needs.

Smoke Showin’ Cigars is currently licensed to operate in Illinois.

We provide everything you and your guests need to enjoy a high-quality cigar at your event worry free.

Our top priority is making a successful pairing between guests and the cigar they smoke. Our Cigar Specialists will ensure that your guests have a pleasant cigar smoking experience and make great memories.

Add a special touch to your event with personalized Cigar Bands. Contact us for details.

Since 2019

Special Events

Add a special touch to your event with personalized Cigar Bands.

Event Packages to Get You Started

Host Pay

Starting at $300

Operates as a consumption bar system. This allows you (being the host) to pay for all cigars smoked by your guests at the event. At the end of the event, you will be charged for the total cost of the cigars smoked. Guests are not required to pay individually for their cigars.

*A dollar cap can be set if you have a specific price point in mind. As your dollar cap is approached you will be notified and can choose to increase the cap or switch services to Individual Pay*

Individual Pay

Starting at $300

Operates as a cash bar system. Each guest purchases their own cigars during the event.

Split Pay

Starting at $300

Purchase cigars for selected guests (e.g., bridal party only) using the Host Pay method and the rest of your guests purchase cigars through the Individual Pay method.


Starting at $300

Looking for something not listed? Let us know and we will accommodate your specific needs.

Fundraising Events

Send us a message to find out how we can help you raise money for your fundraising event with registration gifts, raffle prizes, and profit sharing.

"Smoke Showin' Cigars not only has fantastic cigars, their support of the community is amazing! Thank you!"

Victoria Katz

"Jason provided a catered cigar bar experience that my guests raved about for weeks after our wedding day!"

Jessica M

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