A firefighter owned and operated cigar catering company

Why Smoke Showin’ Cigars

The term Smoke Showin’ is commonly used by first arriving fire crews when smoke is visible and confirms that there is a fire to other crews responding to the scene. It was used as the business name to unite my passions of the fire service and my enthusiasm for cigars.

Meet Jason Dziedzic

I am a full-time firefighter and cigars have always been a big part of my life — even before I ever had my first stick.

My dad always had a cigar lit while we spent time together. Whether we were working on old cars, fishing, traveling, or just hanging out in the yard, he always had a stogie burnin’. When I got older, I realized that anytime I smelled the aroma of a cigar, I would reminisce of memories with my dad.

Over the years, I realized that cigars could have a profound impact on social gatherings; they can bring people together to make great memories.

I have learned a lot about the different tobaccos used in cigars, brands, sizes, flavor profiles, etc.

I started this business to help people make great memories with an unforgettable cigar smoking experience.

Look No Further for Your Personalized Gifts

We offer a variety of personalized gifts and cigar-related items — humidors, travel cases, cutters, lighters, and more.

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