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How and why we work:

Cigars are not one-size-fits all, so it is important to have different options available when you want to share the experience of a great smoke with family and friends. The ability to pair a specific person with a cigar that they will enjoy based on their preferences and experience level is crucial to ensuring an unforgettable cigar smoking experience. Many factors go into this pairing including the tobacco used in the cigar (where it was grown, how long it was aged, type of leaf used for filler, binder, and wrapper, hand rolled or machine rolled), the size and type of cigar, taste preferences, humidity level, etc. Educating a novice cigar smoker on the proper lighting and smoking techniques with cigars is equally important to pairing an individual with a cigar. We have often found that even people that have smoked cigars have not been properly educated on the lighting and smoking techniques, and that there are practices that can enhance their experience greatly. If a cigar burns unevenly, too hot or too cold, is improperly cut, etc, it can ruin the experience.

Smoke Showin’ Cigars, LLC provides everything needed for you and your guests to enjoy high quality cigars at your event without worry. Our Cigar Specialists are trained to offer suggestions/advice and answer any questions that your guests may have. Our top priority is making a successful pairing between guests and the cigar they smoke. Standard equipment supplied for guest use includes cutters, matches, lighters, and a wide selection of Premium Cigars that can be tailored to your preferences of brands and/or pricing. We carry at least 16 different brands/type of cigars at every event to fit the preferences of your guests. Cigar smoking accessories such as cutters, lighters, holders, etc, are also available for purchase. Whether your guests are cigar aficionados or novice smokers, our Cigar Specialists are ready to assist in any way needed to ensure that guests have a pleasant cigar smoking experience at your event and make great memories.


Host Pay – Operates as a consumption bar system. This allows you (being the host) to pay for all of the cigars smoked by your guests at the event. At the end of the event, you will be charged for the total cost of the cigars smoked. Guests are not required to pay individually for their cigars. *A dollar cap can be set if you have a specific price point in mind. As your dollar cap is approached you will be notified and can choose to increase the cap or switch services to Individual Pay*

Individual Pay – Operates as a cash bar system. Each guest purchases their own cigars during the event.

Split Pay – Purchase cigars for selected guests (bridal party only – for example) using the Host Pay method and the rest of your guests purchase cigars through the Individual Pay method.

Custom – Looking for something not listed? Let us know and we will accommodate your specific needs.

Fundraising Events:

Send us a message to find out how we can help you raise money for your fundraising event with registration gifts, raffle prizes, and profit sharing.


Look no further for your personalized Gifts/Favors!

We offer many cigar related items including humidors, travel cases, cutters, lighters, and more. We also offer a large selection of drinkware and barware including cigar holding whiskey glasses, tumblers, wine glasses, and wedding themed drinkware. Most items can be customized!

Add a special touch to your event with Personalized Cigar Bands!

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We can provide all of your cigar needs at every occasion!

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