About Us

Cigars have always been a big part of my life – even before I ever had my first stick. My dad always had a cigar lit while we spent time with each other. Whether we were working on old cars together, fishing, on vacation, or just hanging out in the yard, he always had a stogie burnin’. When I got older, I realized that anytime I smelled the aroma of a cigar, I would reminisce of memories with my dad. Over the years, I found that many of my friends and family have fond memories in the same manner. I realized that cigars can have a profound impact on social gatherings, and they can really bring people together to make great memories. I have learned a lot about the different tobaccos used in cigars, brands, sizes, flavor profiles, etc. I started this business to help people make great memories with an unforgettable cigar smoking experience.

As a full-time firefighter, fire service traditions often influence other aspects of my life. Cigars are used in the fire service to celebrate completing a successful job, career achievements, and personal life milestones (such as marriage or birth of a baby). Most often, they are used just to spend “family time” together on a nice night after a long day. The term “Smoke Showin'” is commonly used by first arriving fire crews when smoke is visible, and confirms that there is a fire to other crews responding to the scene. It was used as the business name to unite my passions of the fire service and my enthusiasm for cigars.